Emergency backup files


I recently started working at a new company, and they were using duplicati for their backups.
I’ve done quite some research on the software, but there are some stuff I can’t seem to figure out.

1st Q: Are there any files that I should create a backup of individually from the drive/folders that I need backed up? For example should I be creating backups of the sqlite database or something? If my server was to fail wouldn’t I lose everything?

2nd Q: The file block the previous IT guy set was at 1TB, what are the pros and cons of having it so high? When I read tutorials or forums, most people have them at just a few MBs… I’m not sure I understand how that works.


There will come more qualified answers, but here’s a quick answer:

  1. No, you should be able to do a full restore with just the files created in the backup.
  2. 1 TB seems quite high, I thought the max was set to 500 MB? I have never gone over 250 MB, so I would have lowered the size a bit, that is possible even for existing backups.


I have written this document that explains the tradeoffs for sizes:

Backing up Duplicati configs for DR is a prior comment (and links to even older ones). Basically, be very sure you save things like passwords and destination information needed for a direct restore, e.g. of latest versions. Configuration export may be handy for starting a new backup of the same configuration. Getting full access to historical versions in a convenient way (unlike a direct restore) might require recreating the full local database and can be very slow for large backups. For this reason, some people back up the local per-job database in a separate backup job, but experience says that it tends not to deduplicate well due to the extent of its changes.