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I’ve been recently testing duplicati as a potential backup solution for my systems. I’ve got to say that I’m quite impressed with the software, but there is a little thing that I haven’t quite yet figured out.

Is it possible to configure Duplicati to send emails to two separate emails addresses, depending on whether the job was a success, or anything other than success?

So, for example, if a job was successful, I’d like Duplicati to send an email to:

But, if job ended up with anything other than success, I want it to send an email to a different email:

Is it possible to configure Duplicati that way?

Thanks in advance!

Hello @Ishigami and welcome to the forum!

I don’t think it can be done directly, but Duplicati has several third-party facilities to help with reporting and monitoring, especially when there are multiple systems (and I notice you said systems so those might help whether or not they can get you exactly what you’re asking for). I’ll mention the authors, for any comments.

Announcing dupReport - A Duplicati Email Report Summary Generator by @handyguy by @crazy4chrissi

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Hello @ts678, and thank you for swift response!

I will investigate those tools and see if that is what I need! Thank you for your help!

Many thanks,

Hi @ts678,

dupReport is designed to aggregate multiple backup emails into a single report that shows successes and failures. As such, I’m not sure it will accomplish exactly what you are looking for (splitting success and failure reports). However, have a look and let me know if perhaps there is a feature that we can add to make it work for you.


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Thanks for your reply! It certainly would be a reasonable solution to have a possibility of sending reports to different email address depending on the result. For example, I am an IT Support technician, and while it is certainly handy to have an overview of backups sent every day to take a look at, I would rather only have support tickets created if there is an actual problem that I need to investigate further (as with hundreds of tickets coming every day, I prefer to limit their number to only those that require my immediate attention).
That said, I think that provides me with exactly the kind of a tool that I need for the job.

Thank you all for your help!

Sounds good, @Ishigami. However, you’ve given me some ideas for future enhancements for dupReport. Good luck!

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A low-tech path for the original request is to put %PARSEDRESULT% in the –send-mail-subject, and have a reliable computer that can read the subject line and forward. But then you might need a monitor on THAT. :wink:

That might not be enough now that these other lovely tools are known (and thanks for them). They can cover situations where Duplicati can’t speak for itself, however I’m thinking of a commercial product I’m using that’s constantly warning me about backup lapses from one system that’s usually sleeping intentionally. Oh well. :grin: