Email Report not function


I’m trying to parametrize the email report but I’m not succeed…

I have put the advanced options here :
send-mail-level (with warning)
send-mail-url (with my email)

But I have not email into my Inbox…

With the backup only all is done without error (it seems…)
with these two parameters I have 2 errors in red…

I’m french so my english may be poor for all understand but if anyone could help me…


According to your description in “send-mail-url” you have your email addres but you shuold have the url of your SMTP server - (eg: smtp://

Try to change this parameter or report the error message (information -> show log -> real time -> explicit only

As @xblitz explains (thanks!), –send-mail-url is what your Internet Service Provider requires for their outgoing mail server. You can ask them or see if they have a web page. Almost all public ISPs require –send-mail-username and –send-mail-password so they know who’s using (or mis-using) their server. –send-mail-to is where you want the email to go to, which could be your email address or some other.

Some other parts (or maybe even the above) get technical, and whoever sends your email can advise. Setting up Duplicati is similar in concept to setting up any ordinary email program that you run locally…

One tricky part is encryption (for your email security), and your server may offer different options which then might show up in what server port you use, and what you say about TLS encryption. Ask your ISP.

smtp:// is what I’m running. Port 587, encrypted.

It can get worse if your ISP has more severe authentication needs than the above username/password.

Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs at About --> Show log --> Live --> Profiling can log the email actions.

2019-12-23 12:08:00 -05 - [Profiling-Duplicati.Library.Modules.Builtin.SendMail-SendMailResult]: Whole SMTP communication: Connected to smtp://

after the backup itself is finished is the email report trying to get out. Don’t post all the details because it may reveal secrets between Duplicati and email server. Be especially careful near AUTH authentications.


I have put this
send-mail-url : smtps://

When I have register account in outlook it needeed to tick TLS

send-mail-username : the email of principal account (in outlook the ISP need authentification with email and pasword for email outgoing
send-mail-to : my email where I want the mail

Not function

Unfortunately I’m not french and I don’t use, anyway the send-mail-url looks strange for me, try to change it in this way:

send-mail-url: smtps://

I have succeed to have report and for this : MANY MANY THANKS

But I have note a “maybe” problem :
I have not a report after each backup (I testing the process with a backup manually…)
Does it needeed a long time to have the report ?
I have specify “all” for the send-mail-level

Another point :
I have put the parameter like Outlook for the server outgoing but i have notice the SMTP need not starttls but SSL/TLS so I have put :
smtps:// and not smtps://
Is there a difference ?

mmh the first point is strange: everytime a job is complete duplicati send e-mail with the result of operation, so, if you launch two backup you must receive two messages. It’s possible that the server mark the messages “spam”? check your spam directory and if necessary create exception rule for these mail.

For the second point according to the description:

A url for the SMTP server, e.g. smtp:// Multiple servers can be supplied in a prioritized list, separated with semicolon. If a server fails, the next server in the list is tried, until the message has been sent. If no server is supplied, a DNS lookup is performed to find the first recipient's MX record, and all SMTP servers are tried in their priority order until the message is sent. To enable SMTP over SSL, use the format smtps:// To enable SMTP STARTTLS, use the format smtp:// or smtp:// If no port is specified, port 25 is used for non-ssl, and 465 for SSL connections. To force not to use STARTTLS use smtp://

essentially: the use of smtps it’s a good choice compared to simple smtp but the use of SSL or STARTTLS depend to many conditions (no less if your provider provide the support). SSL should be more guarantee compared to STARTTLS.

I have seen into spambox but not email…

I have done two tests :

With smtps:// :

the first with duplicati under GUI and click to start now (the backup) and I have not the report on my email…
The secund is to export the backup to a file and make a file.bat and I have each time the report …

With smtps://
the first with duplicati under GUI and click to start now (the backup) and I have not the report on my email…
The secund is to export the backup to a file and make a file.bat and I have each time the report …

On my latop I’m Admin (and only this account) so I don’t understand…
Is it possible is there a bug into Duplicati, or a firewall problem ?

My install of duplicati is not as a service…Maybe it is the problem ?

mmh I remember, but i’m not sure, if the dataset to backup don’t change no email were sent despite all. So could be you in this situation? try to modify the dataset: (just add or delete a file) and next launche the backup job.


I have erase many files and do a backup manually : No report by email

I have put new files to the backup and done another backup manually : no email

The two backup by the GUI ?

Is possible to send a log to anyone for to give more info ?

Hello at all
I have erase all the database and recreate the backup and with you helps all seems function…

I don’t know how it not function before (the informatic !!)

But I must says : BIG THANKS to you for the help

So I gone to the link Donation Paypal (it is done …) :smile: :smile:

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