Dupliciti Regex Help

I am trying to filter using regex to only get specific directories and subdirectories. I am running Dupliciti on Ubuntu.

Folder Structure

/folder/company1/200127-2012/ (exclude)
/folder/company1/200127-2013/ (exclude)
/folder/company1/current/(include all subdirectories and files in this folder)
/folder/company2/200127-2012/ (exclude)
/folder/company2/200127-2013/ (exclude)
/folder/company2/current/(include all subdirectories and files in this folder)
/folder/company2/200127-2012/ (exclude)
/folder/company2/200127-2013/ (exclude)
/folder/company2/current/(include all subdirectories and files in this folder)

The folder ‘current’ is a symlink that changes automatically to the current set of files. I already have this functioning.

Can anyone give me an example regex that I can implement that will only include the symlink directory and all directories beneath it?

Any help is greatly appreciated,


OK, so my regex seems to work. Seems to be an issue with Duplicati. GUI. I am running headless Ubuntu with the Dupliciti Web Interface.

Here is my regex /folder/[^/]+/current/.*

When I test with duplicati-cli test-filter I see the results I expect.

When I add the filter to the web interface as text +[/folder/[^/]+/current/.*] and run a backup It says counting but the progress never seems to go anywhere.

Any suggestions?

Did you escape your slashes? This seemed to work for me:


Also note that you’ll need to set --symlink-policy=Follow (step 5, advanced options) in a situation like this.

Good luck!

Obviously I am a newbie at REGEX and made it way more complicated than it needed to be. I have made the changes and am running a backup. I’m at about 3TB of storage with a ton of small files so it is going to take a long time but so far seems to be working correctly. When it is finished I will verify what got backed up. Thank you for the help thus far.

Great! Glad to hear it is working.