Duplicatie upload error can't repair its problem

i had run duplicati for 3 years and few months back it started to error on me.
my back cloud was full no free space. :open_mouth:
So i thought i clean up my source disk and let it run it’s backups until its down sizing backup again. no luck.
So 2e attempt, cleanup cloud site and let it rebuild from scratch.
eh didn’t work either. errors about no file’s detected on remote location. Duh! i deleted the 1TB…

tryed repair, delete and delete rebuild options in database no luck it runs for a wile and crashes about can’t find: "No files were found at the remote location, perhaps the target url is incorrect? "

so i place all duplicati sqlite file in a “old folder” only duplicati-server.sqlite leaving in side that folder.
and when i do a “run now” it recreates a new backup and database and journall.
But it stops by error.
So question:
How can i rebuild from scratch the backup without remake a backup command setup from scratch?
(it’s setup is fine only it filled my 1tb to the top)

edit i did the blunt smashhammer way.

  • exported my backup profile.
    deleted Duplicati and the roaming app files.
    reinstalled and imported my backup profile.
    yeh! new backup, never executed,
    run and still a error. :frowning:
    (test connection does answer it works.)
    (duplicati temp folder dup fiiles are made so upload error?
    cloud is stack and i checked WebDav url, don’t know what else i could check if duplicati says it has connection.
    tested local sync folder from pc to cloud. imimiate upload.
    delete from local and acknowledge removal in cloud works too.

i am starting to get bricked. :roll_eyes:

no one?
some thing goes wrong from temp folder just before upload to transip

Welcome to the forum @Peter_x

This should work if it wasn’t already completely filled, however before the old backups age off you’re trying to upload new data. Removing source files or deselecting them doesn’t delete old versions still being kept.

If you deleted your backup files, Duplicati’s records of it as kept in its database will notice that they’re gone.

The database repair and recreate are to synchronize the DB against the remote backup but you deleted it.

What error? Out-of-space on the remote seems unlikely, if you deleted everything and are uploading again.

What error?

This is good.

The “why?” relies on the error information that’s not given. I assume you got a popup and possibly a log of the failed attempt in “Show log” for your job. Those are a starting point but sometimes overly summarized because the details are on later lines. If you think you’ve had a meaningful message already, what was it?

If the message is hopelessly generic, then you need to get better logs, e.g. from live log at About --> Show log --> Live --> Retry or some higher level (e.g. Verbose or maybe even Profiling) if Retry isn’t enough help.


Although it may be better to get some idea of the error first, Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe and Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTester.exe can perform operations on the destination to see how it works. Determining the correct URL to use is sometimes awkward. Doing job Export As Command-line may help.

don’t know what happend maybe my cloud was stressed and blocking new entry from duplicati because now its uploading.
i clicked “run” to generate the error and it runs at this moment.
edit: still running so problem solved.

thanks for answering