Duplicati web server

Hello, my duplicati Web service has stopped working. how can i fix it?
installed duplicati-

Try a forced refresh… Ctrl+F5, or hold Ctrl and click the reload button.

Does not help.
Just run the install-repair and everything is fine for one week.
then got an error again.

Try use Google Chome

still no luck.
installed Duplicati Version: -
I think this is due to an not working Duplicati automatic update.

Definitely something strange on your system. What antimalware software do you have installed? Anything that intercepts all web traffic for analysis? (If so perhaps try disabling it temporarily as a test.)

What about web browser extensions?

Open the duplicati webinterface in the browser. Then hit F12 to open the developer tools of your browser. Switch to the network (analysis) tab. Then reload the Duplicati web interface with CTRL + F5.
Post a screenshot of that (the network tab of the developer tools). Then switch to the Console tab and post a screenshot of that.