Duplicati to Backup Truenas


I am trying to use Duplicati to backup my TrueNAS (aka FreenNAS) out .
I post on TrueNAS forum , but posting ere to see if someone here might have the solution

I am trying to use Duplicati in a Jail for the backup task out in the cloud.
everything seems great , except some permission issue on some file.
Duplicati process do not seems to have access to backup those files (most of the files are 700 permissions with a user not define in the Duplicati jail)

Anyone was able to setup this or able to help get around this issue?

thanks in advance.

I have Duplicati running on FreeNAS 11.3-U5 and doing about 85% (now 95%) of what I ultimately want it to do. The root (almost literally) of the problem is that Duplicati is running in a jail and needs appropriate permissions to access things outside of the jail. Since one usually wants to backup things outside of the jail, one has to set things up accordingly.

You may find the thread about FreeNAS jail permissions helpful.

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I will revisit this …