Duplicati specific feature to AWS S3

A Current Duplicati user and we are about to upload to AWS S3, the next week. I am asking for a feature to control the connection while uploading to AWS S3, this means that our DataCenter will not be affected by the bandwidth-consuming. For example: If our total speed is (1G), I need to set the speed of copying to AWS S3 to not take more than (100M) for every server, assume I have 3 servers, this means the total used speed for this job only should be Max (300M), is this option available on Duplicati?

I did a search and found some forums and communities talking about similar topics and I found that there is almost a similar option on GoodSync and Gs Richcopy 360 like what I am talking about. your help is highly appreciated to do this task with Duplicati.

Welcome to the forum @Kimi_Jona

throttle-upload and throttle-download can control speeds. There is also a control in the GUI:



–throttle-download ignored, --throttle-upload throttles download too #4115
is a bug in Beta, fixed in next Beta and in pre-Beta.

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I would thank you for your help, I was searching for an option like that and I will feed you back after the jobs done