Duplicati randomly shows "1 Warning" when using "send-http-url" parameter

Hi all!

We’ve been using Duplicati and duplicati-monitoring.com (for backup reports) for months now and some weeks ago we started getting “1 Warning” on some of our backup tasks. When we try to find what’s wrong in the logs nothing shows on the warnings/errors sections, it’s empty. Also when the “1 Warning” shows up, we don’t get any report on duplicati-monitoring.com.

We’ve find out that the warning shows only when we use the send-http-url advanced option, we don’t know why that happens. We did some tests and we found that:

  1. Incorrect URL on “send-http-url” always leads Duplicati to show “1 Warning” without details about the warning on the logs.

  2. Correct duplicati-monitoring.com URL on “send-http-url” normally works well, but in some cases (even after months of being working well) it starts to show the “1 Warning” message without details. Other installations just don’t work from the beginning, after the first task starts to show the warning and we never get the reports.

Anyone could give us a clue? It is possible to show details in the log about that warning in future versions? It took us a lot of time to find out what was the culprit.

Thanks in advance!

Hello @luisBSBDATA and welcome to the forum!

You could also try contacting the https://www.duplicati-monitoring.com/ people using the link on their web site, however at this point there’s no telling what’s being intermittent. Make sure you check not only the log on the backup job, but also the server log at MENU --> About --> Show log --> Stored to see if they show any issues.

Unfortunately, there are currently many logs and many other notifiers, and they don’t always track each other.

For a reproducible problem, the easiest path to messages might be the job’s web UI Commandline option e.g.

Backup started at 9/26/2018 8:00:10 AM
Checking remote backup ...
  Listing remote folder ...
Scanning local files ...
removing temp files, as no data needs to be uploaded
Checking remote backup ...
  Listing remote folder ...
Verifying remote backup ...
Remote backup verification completed
  Downloading file (533 bytes) ...
  Downloading file (606 bytes) ...
  Downloading file (657 bytes) ...
Failed to send http message: System.Net.WebException: The remote name could not be resolved: 'notlikelythere.com'

 => The remote name could not be resolved: 'notlikelythere.com'
  Duration of backup: 00:00:00
  Remote files: 9
  Remote size: 4.89 KB
  Total remote quota: 111.30 GB
  Available remote quota: 34.25 GB
  Files added: 0
  Files deleted: 0
  Files changed: 0
  Data uploaded: 0 bytes
  Data downloaded: 1.75 KB
Backup completed successfully!
Return code: 2

–log-file and –log-level can be helpful for intermittent problems, in order to maintain a better log automatically.

I talked to duplicati-monitoring people and they’re not getting any logs from my Duplicati instance, so the problem is on my side not theirs. I monitored the network and it’s stable, there aren’t outages… I will try with --log-file and --log-level to see if I can get some more details. Thanks!

NVM… It was my fault, DNS misconfiguration. The host machine was unable to resolve www.duplicati-monitoring.com. Thanks @ts678, I found it out using --log-file and --log-file-log-level.