Duplicati on Linux without root

I just installed Duplicati on a Linux workstation with the standard instructions, which is with systemd and root. However, my home directory is NFS mounted with root mapped to nobody. How do I get Duplicati to run backups as me?

You don’t have to use the systemd service. You could stop and disable it, and instead run Duplicati as your normal user.

Try running Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe and configure it to auto-start on login.

If you stopped the systemd service, then you’ll be able to access it on localhost:8200. If you didn’t stop the systemd service first, this second instance won’t be able to bind to 8200 and will instead bind at 8300.

Yes that works. Since I’m starting this over an ssh connection, I needed a way to make it survive when I disconnect, as well as be independent of whether there is actually a login session on the real display. There is a --detached-process option, but the Duplicati server still wants a DISPLAY. I got around that with xvfb.

Oh, if you want it to run regardless of login session, then maybe systemd is the right way to run it. You could alter the systemd service files so that Duplicati runs as a different user (instead of root).

Installing Duplicati on Linux (Arch / Manjaro) shows some lines that the Arch packagers added to do that. Usually Duplicati users are removing those because they prefer root, but this is going the other direction.

I’m not a systemd expert, but I’m wondering if it’s best to use some type of systemctl edit to do this…

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