Duplicati not showing backups, settings, just blank

Hi there,

Been using Duplicati for a while, and seem to be constantly running into issues.

Works fine for a couple of weeks, then all of a sudden backups don’t work and I need to rebuild databases.

Current issue is, when I log in, Duplicati displays nothing. I have the sidebar, but not backups, if I go into settings, its as-if it is just a blank start, password doesn’t show as enabled, none of my email settings are there.
I know these are configured as it is asking for my login, and I am getting emails from Duplicati.

Any solutions, as this is infuriating, can’t fix my backups not running as I can’t see them, and god forbid I will need to restore something.

Any solutions would be great. I’m running this in Docker under the “latest” tag.

You didn’t specify which OS you’re running, but Windows has this super annoying habit of moving the Duplicati executables to another directory during major updates and not moving them back when it’s done. If you have a directory on your system called “C:\Windows.OLD” that has a recent timestamp on it that may be your issue.

If that’s the case, this forum post discusses how to fix the problem.


Thanks for the reply.

I am running OpenMediaVault (debian Linux). So unfortunately that post isn’t much use.

Seems if I rebuild the Docker container it starts working again. Not sure why, the container doesn’t say its unhealthy (unless it has no real health check)