Duplicati lost all configuration settings

I rebooted my Mac and then went to check the status of Duplicati

I have two backup groups. If I click Edit on either of them and start going through the pages I’m finding

A) It claims no encryption but I setup encryption for both groups
B) Storage type is empty
C) All my selections are lost

I could go on but you get the point. What happened to the configuration?

Hi @David_Jameson. Are you sure this isn’t just a web GUI glitch. Duplicati saves the config info in a SQL database. Have you tried running the backups themselves?

No, I’m not sure but I don’t know how to find out. It kinda doesn’t matter because I’m recreating the entire backup process as a daemon on my Mac but it would be nice to know what happened

If you’re recreating the jobs, there’s not much that can be done. I was going to suggest capturing the logs, but that’s pointless now. Good luck in getting your backups going.

I believe @samw is correct, and the actual job settings are in the database. You could try exporting one of the “goofy” jobs to a file and take a look at the resulting contents to see if the missing values are actually in there (but not not showing in the GUI for some reason).

Those types of issues have historically been seen in the GUI if the user continues using a page after the “Missing XSRF Token” error shows rather than refreshing the page.

I don’t suppose that happened to you?

Not that I’m suggesting this happened to you, but I’ve also seen where users run the daemon / service, create a backup, then run the tray icon and (not realizing it’s running it’s own server) think they forgot to save something so set them all up again but with slight differences.