Duplicati locks MEGA account

Hi everyone,

I am using Duplicati to back up my files on my MEGA cloud account.
But, my MEGA account gets blocked very frequently and I have to change my password.

How can I mitigate that ?


Welcome to the forum @xKyzor

Duplicati is not locking your account, although possibly its use is triggering MEGA to lock it. Ask MEGA?

Especially if you are paying, they owe you an answer IMO. If this is a free account, it has limits however exceeding the limit doesn’t force a password change as far as my web searching can see, Ask MEGA?

Historically they are very unsupportive of third-party software, but keep pressing them on account issue.
Do a Google search for site:forum.duplicati.com “mega” “third party” if you want to view previous replies.

Duplicati GUI About → Libraries shows MegaApiClient used by Duplicati, and I don’t see this issue there.
I’m not seeing it on this forum either, so I don’t know why MEGA is handling your account is so strangely.

If they wanted you out, I’d have thought they’d just kick you off, but you’re sure it’s just a password thing?

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Thanks for you answer @ts678

I maybe should be more precise. Its use is triggering MEGA to lock it, indeed.

I’m using a free account. However, I don’t exceed the limit (~22/50 GB used).
When my MEGA account gets locked, I need to change my password.

I will reach out to MEGA and see if they can give me an answer.

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I wrote to MEGA and they whitelisted my account.

So, I won’t encounter this issue anymore.

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I didn’t know they could do that. Did they say why that was necessary, in case someone else asks?
If not, at least we know what they can try asking for.