Duplicati is silently exiting with abnormal code - MacOS

I’ve noticed several times that the Duplicati icon in the menu had disappeared so I went hunting and found the following message in the system log

Jan 4 12:55:11 Davids-iMac com.apple.xpc.launchd[1] (com.duplicati.app.8196[25682]): Service exited with abnormal code: 255

Any idea how to track this down (and fix)?

What’s the last thing before the abnormal exit time in the Duplicati logs?

Are you running just the tray icon or the service (to which the tray icon should be connecting)?

Where is the log for Duplicati on a Mac? As I mentioned, the only thing I found in the system log was the abnormal termination

If you use the LaunchDaemon plist I posted in the other thread (“how to run with root privileges on a Mac”) to run the Duplicati server, you would get logging in /Library/Logs. Changing the log level can be done in the plist in the --log-level parameter.

I believe @gctwnl as referring to this post:

And he is correct that --log-level can be used to specific the detail of the text log that is written to when using --log-file (without which most log info is written to the .sqlite database files).