Duplicati have possibilities for deleting folders&files after complite archivation?


May be my question dumb… too much. But Duplicati have possibilities for deleting folders&files after complite archivation? Can i realise next pattern for work this programm:

  1. Make filter which select files older 3 years for archivation
  2. Replace archiv to another place
  3. Delete files in previouse place

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There’s nothing built-in. What OS is this? Are you able to write some scripts to get this? I’ll also say
Duplicati is a backup program, best at handling ongoing files, and not meant for archive-then-delete.
Other tools exist that can move old files elsewhere. They won’t keep versions, but you don’t need to.


We use windows. I’m open to get your advice 'baut another tools and scripts. If you know solution like script or some direction or way for write this, i will glad to read that. But if you know another programm for resolve this issue and you tell me, i’m just will happy.

How to backup files older than X days shows some PowerShell scripts you could try to modify.

Backup files only if modification date > certain date in the past alternative is a changed files list.

You could test if robocopy can be persuaded to move old file trees somewhere for the backup.

/minage:<n> Specifies the minimum file age (exclude files newer than n days or date).
/move Moves files and directories, and deletes them from the source after they are copied.

rclone move might be able to do the same sort of thing.

–min-age Duration Only transfer files older than this in s or suffix ms|s|m|h|d|w|M|y (default off)

There might be other tools that can do this. I certainly don’t know all. You can also script your own.
I tried doing this manually in Explorer using age-based search, but the copy lost the tree structure.
Presumably you want the backup folder tree to look a lot like the original. If so, check tools for that.

You should be careful about retention to make sure Duplicati doesn’t delete an old backup version containing your only view of a given archived folder (a view after it’s deleted will no longer show it).

It’s also somewhat awkward to find out which backup is the only one that has a given archive in it.
all-versions can help, and you might use The FIND command too. The below provide some notes:

Add a global search for all versions of backup
Search across ALL Backups

If Duplicati were intended for archiving, it would have a different UI, but it’s a backup program that
does very well keeping multiple (similar) versions of files, allowing an easy restore of chosen time.

As a backup program, Duplicati also doesn’t hold the only copy of your filea, so problems aren’t as
much of a catastrophe. Duplicati is still in Beta, and (rather rarely) has problems getting files back.

So I think Duplicati is not a great fit for archiving then deleting, but if you insist, it can probably do it.

Big thanks for advices

Hi guys, I should delete a folder with all the files from my backup residing on NAS.
I tried both with Purge and Delete, but the folder is not removed.
The folder is originally c: \ Users \ Valerio \ Documents \ Myfolder
Is there a command to eliminate the whole Myfolder folder on all duplicate backup archives?
I need to delete the folder because all the files present do not need to keep and also it takes up a lot of space.

I think purge was the right command, but the syntax is picky. Try ending your path in Myfolder\*
The asterisk is how you ask for (to use your phrase) “all the files present”, not simply the folder.

Doing a run first with the dry-run flag set will let you check it’s what you want (to avoid disaster).
In order to actually see what it has to say, raise console-log-level to at least Information level.

After doing a real run, look into Restore to verify removal, but don’t expect space until compact.
You should, however, find the dlist files in the backup all get updated to not list removed files.