Duplicati environment variables on Windows Server


I am not able to access the environment variables on my installation.

Do I have to install Duplicati in a specific way to active them or with a specific user?

I am kind of lost here…

Menu - Settings
Scroll to the bottom under Default options, drop down shows the list of all the advanced options (aka variables). Click it and it shows above with the option to change whatever option it is based on how it is used.
For example use-block-cache only shows a checkbox to enable it (set to true), versus “concurrency-max-threads” allows us to enter a number.

About what env vars you wrote?

@mikaitech These advanced options I did know about.

@avmaksimov Windows systemwide environment variable I could use in batch scripts etc…
The ones this thread talks about: "run-script-after" only if backup finished - how?

I use env vars in Windows Server 2016 without any problem. So I think problem is in variable names.

If you use after-run-script write the string: “set > d:\somepath\file.txt” and you can see all variables.

If you will not get success, write your script and how it runs there.

Can you elaborate on this?

I want to use %DUPLCATI__PARSED_RESULT% in my script, but the variable is unknown to the system.
Do I have to manually create the variable or set it beforehand?

You will get all env vars in your script and save it to file.

You missed “I” after “DUPL” and you haven’t to manually create of course).
So better to copy var names from file.

I think I understand now:

I can not access these environment variable from a random batch-script or cmd-line.
The script needs to be executed by Duplicati to provide the environment variables to the script.

Is that right?

Yes, only this way…

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Ok, thanks. That clarifies and solves it.