Duplicati detects an included file as an empty folder

How to recreate the problem:

  1. Make a new backup
  2. Select items to backup
    a. A non-empty folder from your first drive
    b. A single file from your second drive
  3. Run the backup
  4. Try to restore the backup
    On step 4 you will see that the selected file shows up as an empty folder and it will not be restored when you restore the backup.

On step 2, if you add two single files from the second drive instead of one it will work as expected.

Duplicati2 Canary, but my older backups also have the same problem.

Let me know if I am doing something wrong.

This looks a lot like an issue I opened just yesterday. But I only saw the problem in backup sets with a single file. It may very well apply in your case as well.

The problem started with a change in version I submitted a pull request to have the change reverted and it has already been accepted so will be available in the next canary release.

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Yeah thats the one. I forgot to look at the github issues.
Nice to know that it will be fixed.