Duplicati creates enormous file on temporary disk. Crashes once disk is full


I’m running Ubuntu 16.04 LTS. I use Duplicati -

The issue: When Duplicati tries to backup it creates two large archives in my /tmp folder on my computer. First one around 70 GB, during the regular backup procedure, and then another one which fills out all the remaining empty space on my disk (around 40 GB). The second archive is made when Duplicati says “Deleting unwanted files” (don’t remember the exact wording), during the final stages of backing up. This “Deleting unwanted files” stage takes by far the most time and results in the backup program crashing due to insufficient harddisk space.

My harddisk capacity is 250 GB and i’m trying to backup around 60 GB.

Can anybody help me? Is it supposed to make these gigantic temporary archives locally?

Did you set a volume size of 70GiB ? The volume size is the size of the volumes that Duplicati uploads. You need to have at least 2x the upload volume size space free on your machine (in the temp folder).

You can set --asynchronous-upload-limit=1 to reduce the number of files created in advance (or --synchronous-upload=true to force it off), but most likely the problem is that you have picked a large --dblock-size causing it to generate very large remote files.

This would also explain why it needs to download and unpack a large volume when it removes the “unwanted files”.

I set the upload size to 50 TByte when i first set it up (because i misunderstood what it meant). Changed it to 50 MByte now, that fixed it. Thanks!

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