Duplicati chokes on 3TB backup

I’m deleting and re-attempting this entire backup, but I’ve had to rebuild my database and start from scratch because Duplicati appears to have a hard time with large amounts of files (photos and video mostly).

Thanks in advance for any advice!


Hi Joe,

It may be a problem with the size of the database growing beyond what the machine can handle. Do you have any stats on the local database? And are the symptoms mostly that it’s really slow or is it actively failing at something?

You may benefit by tweaking the block size and volume size parameters as these will have the biggest impact on your database size. The more blocks and volumes you have, the more rows are stored in your database. So increasing the size of each will reduce the database size.

But you should be aware that it will impact network overhead and possibly restore times because larger blocks and volumes need to be uploaded when changes are detected and larger volumes need to be downloaded to restore even a tiny text file from the backup.

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