Duplicati broken

Possibly my own fault for not keeping up with releases but my Duplicati was working fine till mid January then stopped backing up. Ran the latest update install and now broken. Getting an file not found exception when the Duplicati Server tray icon runs.

Hello @masj78 and welcome to the forum!

Is this Windows? Did you install the latest directly seen at https://www.duplicati.com/download? There are newer testing versions on a different page, but they are for users wanting something more bleeding-edge.

I’ve had problems with incomplete installations (missing files) if I install a new .msi install on top of the old. Uninstalling the old (which won’t hurt your data) before installing the new somehow seems to solve that…

If you updated via the built-in updater, that starts a different discussion. If uninstall/reinstall won’t solve the exception, maybe you could say more about the exception, for example did it say what file it couldn’t find?

You can paste screenshots into the forum if it helps.

As a side concern, updating over a broken backup doesn’t guarantee a fix, but let’s begin on current issue.