Duplicati broke completely, the terminator came to life

I am disappointed in this behavior of Duplicati.

I have backup-1 and backup-2 settings
When I turned on my PC after a few minutes, backup-2 started, this is the largest backup in size 6.7 GB.
This process took more than 2 hours.

After 10 minutes, backup-1 started, the process took less than 3 minutes.
When backup-1 ended, backup-2 started again, it’s some kind of horror.

What is going on???
Robots rebelled programs began to live their own life ???

Another negative review, Duplicati began to work poorly in recent days.

Can you please describe the issue more clearly? The dramatic language is hurting more than helping. Step by step, please, and why you think something is wrong. Unexpected (and why) versus expected.

Is it a scheduled backup? If so, it’s supposed to start up if it missed its schedule time while PC was off.

Is this the problem or unusual? What’s your usual upload speed? How much did you actually upload?

My own Internet connection runs at around 6 Mbps, so to back up 6.7 GB completely is about 3 hours. Duplicati only backs up changes, so usually it’s a small part of the total original size, but I have no info.

Viewing the log files of a backup job can have useful data. To start, could you post backend statistics?
Here’s a part of my log looking first at destination activities, which can sometimes infer other activities:

    "BackendStatistics": {
      "RemoteCalls": 8,
      "BytesUploaded": 13001111,
      "BytesDownloaded": 12777895,
      "FilesUploaded": 3,
      "FilesDownloaded": 3,
      "FilesDeleted": 0,
      "FoldersCreated": 0,
      "RetryAttempts": 0,

Or if you will, post the whole thing, and it may avoid some back-and-forth asking for other information.

As you know from your Yandex experience, the destination matters. Are you still using Google Drive?

In my own experience, bad networking slows things sometimes. It might be in my home or on Internet. Typically it’s slow and may get RetryAttempts (which is why I got that far in example above) or failures.

Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs at About --> Show log --> Live --> Retry shows details on the retries.
Generally I start by restarting what I can. If it’s an Internet or destination issue, I just have to wait it out.

Regardless, any program that uses local and long-distance networks to destinations depends on them. Finding out what part of the system is the problem (or if there’s a problem) can take some investigation.

Let me ask that same question back. What happened to backup-2? It’s been 8 hours since you asked. Possibly you got a successful backup. Possibly it was slow. Possibly it looped over and over. Results?

I’ve seen cases (which I’m not sure I fully understand) where a waking PC with one scheduled backup runs it what seems like an extra time. When I go to multiple scheduled backups, morning PC wakeups typically run everything that missed their schedule while PC was sleeping, then get on schedule again.

What (if anything) changed in your configuration, equipment, or anything else you know of? Below was an example of things genuinely breaking, with multiple reports on different software pointing to pCloud:

WebDAV, pCloud, Duplicati (happy progress was multiple reports of pCloud fixing whatever they broke)

Google Drive gets enough backups that we’d be hearing more if it broke, however for a few days I was having trouble to OneDrive (another big provider) that turned out to be a network issue, as I mentioned. Very oddly, the same backup to two other cloud destinations were running fine while OneDrive was not.

We’ve even been having trouble with nations blocking Internet sites, or possibly trying to filter content…

So please say more about your problem. I don’t see any “broke completely” or any “terminator” around. Any “broke completely” may also have error messages or other symptoms. What I hear is backups ran, however you might be having slow speeds or confusing scheduler behavior. Which aspect is the issue?

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