Duplicati backup through Sia appliance VM

I did another restore.

Total time: 16:36 - 17:12pm = 26 minutes
Total download size: 13.11GB
Total inflated size: 38.5GB

38.5GB / 26 min = 1.4807692GB/60 seconds = 11.84615Gb/60 seconds = 11846.2Mb/60 seconds = 197.436Mbps

So with a recent speedtest.net result of 227.70Mbps downstream, this almost saturated the connection. Not bad!

I will do one more restore and then probably be ready to write up a #howto guide.

Absolutely! Consider using --no-local-blocks=true when doing the test restore.

Duplicati will attempt to use data from source files to minimize the amount of downloaded data. Use this option to skip this optimization and only use remote data.
Default value: “false”

That would be great!

Hey, I would like to start on the HOWTO guide. Where should I write it up?

Hi TitaniumCoder477,
I’m pretty interested by your How to, as I spent some time yesterday trying to have Sia client working in a LXC container but gave up (no Samba shares can be mounted). As I use Proxmox, I can’t use a Docker container as described in Michael Lynch’s solution.
I ended up with a VM with graphical access to Sia-UI, but I’d very much prefer to have a headless client with less resources allocated. Quite frustrated to be honest with Sia that I find very disappointing in terms of usability (localhost only, except with your socat solution; clarity of how to run the Sia client in command line; etc.).
Many thanks in advance for that How to

It would probably be best for you to go to the #howto section and click the “New Topic” button in the upper right. But even if it doesn’t end up there, we can move it for you if necessary. :slight_smile:

Personally, for bigger guides I type it all up in a local text editor so I can test against my steps and then I create the new topic and paste the already tested steps in there.

If you want, we can also make it a wiki so other users can update the actual first topic post instead of just replying to it and leaving it to you (the post owner) to make any tweaks that might improve the guide.

Oh, and feel free to ask (or PM me) if you want any help with formatting. :wink:

Hi TitaniumCoder477,
I created a Sia VM (with unlocked wallet, live contracts) activated a socat command “socat tcp-listen:8000,reuseaddr,fork tcp:localhost:9980”
and the relevant cache folder are accessible both from Sia and from Duplicati
On the Duplicati side I set “my_VM_address:8000” and get the error “Input string was not in a correct format”.
Any idea please?

Hey tugdualenligne, you interest plus a long vacation weekend has motivated me to write up the HOWTO article. I will have it done within the hour and point you to it. You can then read through it and see if you overlooked anything. Then if you still have a question, I can answer it specifically. Stay tuned!

@tugdualenligne Took a bit longer than I expected, but here it is: https://forum.duplicati.com/t/sia-backup-gateway-appliance Skim that first, and then hit me up with your question again if it persists. Thanks!