Duplicati backup jobs are vanishing

I am using duplicati 2 to take backup of my website files and database. All the jobs that I have added are running for the first time, but when I come back to the server machine on next day and checking the jobs, I can not see any job scheduled in the duplicati 2.

Can you please help me through to resolve this issue.

Are you running Duplicati as a Windows Service? If so, you might have an issue where you have two instances of Duplicati running at the same time, each using its own database, and one of the two databases is probably empty. When this happens, I noticed that one instance of Duplicati was listening on port 8200 and the other was listening on port 8300. To fix this, disable the automatic startup of the non-service instance of Duplicati. Duplicati is also buggy in this way, so be sure to back up the Service’s copy of the SQLite databases because they are known to be lost during major Windows Updates.

I suspect @Jeremy is correct about you possibly having two instances of Duplicati running - if you’ve see both Duplicati on both port 8200 and port 8300 then that’s probably the case.

I do want to point out that historically Duplicati doesn’t lose it’s settings during major Windows updates. They’re actually moved to a backup folder (such as C:\Windows.old) by the Windows update process itself and can relatively easily be moved / copied back to the current Windows folder.

We are considering ways to avoid this externally caused issue in the future but until then here’s how one user handled the situation: