Duplicati backup error

I have been receiving errors for a while now while trying to backup to a B2 bucket. Every other file backups without issue for this scheduled task except for one file. Duplicati is installed as a service on a Windows 2012 R2 server with VSS snapshot policy set to on. I would greatly appreciate support on getting this file backedup to the cloud as well. While searching for the error message, I could not find any clear answer on how to resolve it.

[Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.Backup.FileBlockProcessor.FileEntry-PathProcessingFailed]: Failed to process path: C:\Program Files\Perforce\Server\depot\main\ddp\production\abrom01a0-a01\rev01\abrom01a0-tif-comparison.psb,d\1.6879.gz

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This is a very generic error message, with details on lines below that the one-line summary doesn’t grab.
Please view live log at About --> Show log --> Live --> Warning, and if that doesn’t help then try.a –log-file.
Post resulting message. If long, you can help formatting by addting ~~~ above and below the pasted text.

For a side test, does it work if you just go to that file in File Explorer and make a copy of it to somewhere?

For another test, you could set –snapshot-policy to required, to verify VSS actually went to work for you.