Duplicati announcing warnings when there are none

I just clicked on “Restore Files” in my test backup and immediately had a number of orange warnings pop up saying “Warning while running test”. Clicking on the Show button, brings me to the logs but the last log entry does not contain any warning at all:

What’s going on?

Or do those orange messages refer to a different log entry and not the latest one? How am I supposed to know which ones I’m supposed to look at?

I looked through several of them and found an error, not a warning:

What does this error mean?

UPDATE: I just tried the same again and got the same warning messages again, but this time I noticed that when I go to the logs, the entries I am seeing there are not at all related to the warning messages, not only because they are errors not warnings, but mainly because the log entries are half an hour old… I just don’t understand it.

If you can replicate the scenario I’d suggest checking the Live Profiling log.

It’s possible the error is happening while trying to log another event.

Yes, there is a big logic error here. The dialog should know which entry it belongs to, but currently it just has a “state” value, which is used to select the color of the dialog. The link goes to the log page, but it really should open the corresponding message.

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Unfortunately, I can’t seem to reproduce it any longer. But nonetheless: what is the live profiling log? Is it this:

Because I have never been able to get anything to show under this live button…

But according to my experience, there is no corresponding message at all, so there is nothing that could have been linked to:

I think this is also because there are two different logs (server and task), and that is a mess by itself. So you get a link to the task log, but the message is in the server log.