Duplicati 2 - Synology DS916+ can't connect

Hello there,
I installed Mono and Duplicati 2 (latest version on the download site) on my Synology diskstation.

But whenever i try to start it up via the icon it shows up “The connection to the server is lost”.
I googled and found some people had the same problem and tried to solve it via some commands. But tbh i don’t know where to input them and how to edit some of the packages files…

Did you try "Failed to run the package service" on Synology DS116 with DSM 6.1.3-15152 · Issue #2610 · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub?

You need to connect via ssh (eg putty on windows or firessh in firefox) and run the commands as root (sudo su with same pwd as your admin user).

It’s a workaround not a solution, as Kenneth mentioned in the ticket there are security implications.


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Thank you very much! that actually worked.

i tried it before but apparently forgot to run it as superuser.