Duplicate reads whole file contents again, for hours, just to write a few MByte

Hi, I honestly do not know why on a local to local backup it now does completely backup the whole 1.2 TByte set again. Will take hours. I hope I can find its decision in the Log. Does Duplicati handle the summer time change well?

Latest Canary…

EDIT: Now I see, it permanently reads files at a rate of 20 MByte/s, no writing. Yes, there is just a few megabytes to write.
This will take many hours until backup of 1.2 TB is finished. Why does it read whole file contents again, I remember I was suffering from this before. I’ve now set “check-filetime-only” with no effect.

I think this can happen if there is a problem reading the file metadata.

Do you have a bandwidth limit in place? I recall something about those being applied to disk access as well.

Was this a one-time problem on the first backup after the summer time change, or is it reproducible?

–log-file-log-level=verbose will tell you what it’s thinking on a per-file basis (can make lots of output…)

The job logs also have some clues in the statistics. Are any of your numbers hanging around 1.2TB?

Mar 10, 2019 9:05 PM: Result
DeletedFiles: 1
DeletedFolders: 0
ModifiedFiles: 3
ExaminedFiles: 385
OpenedFiles: 4
AddedFiles: 1
SizeOfModifiedFiles: 23392902
SizeOfAddedFiles: 188283
SizeOfExaminedFiles: 247877641
SizeOfOpenedFiles: 23581185

Above was first run of this backup after Daylight Saving Time began. It’s from in case it matters.