Duplicate launch when ubuntu starts

I reinstalled my system disk which bugged.
Duplicati works, but I have to restart it every time I start ubuntu.
How to put this parameter.
I am with the latest version dupicati andUbuntu 20.04


Do you want it to run as root (system level process)? Or do you want it to run under your user context only after you log in?

Good question
I just needed it to run when I log in, but if you have a 2nd tutorial for it to run all the time (when the computer is on), I might be interested (or other) to test!

If you want it to start upon logon, try following these instructions. I do something similar on a laptop where I run Linux Mint.

If you want it to run as a system level service (as root) on bootup, then you can enable it using these commands:

$ sudo systemctl enable duplicati
$ sudo systemctl start duplicati

But keep in mind that this system level instance will use configuration files stored in /root/.config/Duplicati instead of your user home directory, so it will start with a blank configuration.

Thank you
Great, I’ll try the first tip that can be used for other apps