Doubts about a possible stable release

Good afternoon, first of all, happy 2018 to all.

I would like to know the developers if there is any prospect for the release of a stable version of Duplicati 2, since in my tests with the “beta” version it is quite stable. However I have had problems putting this solution to run on some clients that access the system too, since the application comes with the name “beta” when logging into it.

In my view the current version of Duplicati can already be considered as stable and with the maturity of the solution it could be divided into 3 versions such as Debian Linux: Stable, Testing (beta) and unstable (canary), so that version beta would only be updated for security fixes and things like testing, it would be the canary version for ratification and canary as an alpha version for testing new features, new storage systems, etc.

I apologize if this has already been discussed in the forum, but I have not found anything like this here.

Happy 2018!

I see a few problems reported here on the forum and on the Github page, that I think are blocking issues.

My time in the last two months have been limited, so I have not been able to move on the releases.

My short-term plan is to release a new experimental (hopefully tomorrow), and that should go to a new beta.

I do not have an ETA for a “stable” version.

I understand, really when the project is Open Source and with a limited team, it’s really hard to keep a constant structure of updates, but I still get impressed at how mature this software has become.

I hope that in the near future a stable version will emerge and that this project will thrive even more.

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Yes, I am looking at my options for getting more time in to project.

I have now released the experimental :slight_smile:

Yes, I am already using this version in my notebook for tests, mainly to see how my translation got.

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@kenkendk : for my part, I can say that if you ever organize a funding drive, I would be more than happy to contribute. However, I do understand those take time to properly do.


How long do you think you will wait before releasing the next ‘beta’?

For now, I have set up this Open Collective account (not a fundraiser, but we are getting there anyway):

@kenkendk : Very cool idea.

I added my 5$/month in for sure. Its might be a cool idea to include a link to the OpenCollective page in the Duplicati restore page, instead of the one donation. I didn’t like the idea of blindly sending donation to a Paypal account, but the structure of OpenCollective is cool.

To anobody else reading this, I would highly encourage you to contribute. Open Source software like this is blood&sweet of other people, and it’s up to us to show that this is appreciated.

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Yes, that is also the plan. We are refining the new page which explains the various donation options, including OpenCollective, and will replace the current texts with a link to that page.