Dont createnmultiple files called volumes

it is possible to set up that there is no volumes created ? just backuping files ? no chunks, volumes, zips… just files. simple version ?

Sorry, you are searching for a different software.

maybe it can be as new feature - simply uploading files not volumes…

Hugely unlikely. The entire effort (begun a decade ago – and still trying) is oriented around volumes.
Many key Features stem from NOT uploading numerous copies of files. Look over that list. It’s long.

Please use something that does what you want, but if what you want is file copies, beware of space.
If space is not a concern, and you don’t use cloud storage, then perhaps Cobian Reflector would do.

You can also look at sync programs. That’s what they do. For safety, you probably want versions too, otherwise there’s no recovery once damage occurs to a file, and sync overwrites the only other copy.

FreeFileSync versions seem to give a choice of putting date on a folder, or putting it in new file name. Versions of files are the complete file – that’s what you wanted – so take up that much storage space.