Donation to Duplicati

I thought to donate 20e to duplicati. I tried to do that with PayPal.
It said Price per item, and Quantity. I did not dare to donate because I did not fully understand the message. Is it that when quantity is 1 and price per item is 20e the sum is 20e. And when quantity is 2 and price per item is 20e the sum is 40e. Risk is not very big but I am a very sensitive person and I get a lot of stress thinking if everything is OK or is it going to charge me once a month. Why couldn’t it just be donate this amount of money.

Summary: I think this is how PayPal shows that screen. I wouldn’t worry, but you could search further.

What comes up in my test is a PayPal page at:

so I would guess that’s how PayPal designed that page.

I’m sure there would be complaints if that happened. I don’t recall any, and search isn’t popping any up.

Are you able to change yours? Mine appears locked at 1. Seemingly I can only change “Price per item”.
Usage of that term is another sign that this is a generic PayPal screen where the words are by PayPal.
Hovering mouse over the Duplicati PayPal donation page. link, you’ll see how it linked to PayPal.

I’d note that there seem to be many ways to get to PayPal (but I am not expert, and am not a web dev).
You possibly would prefer the styling used by third-party service
That style doesn’t have a quantity, and does very clearly give a check box for people to donate monthly.

Any change to a different design would probably require its original author, who is busy elsewhere lately.
If there are any PayPal or web design experts out there, feel free to chip in whatever notes you can add.

Thanks for considering a donation. These help keep Duplicati going. Even more though, volunteers help.