Does v2 can upgrade options from v1?

If no, do you have a plan to implement this?

Sorry, but I couldn’t find any information about this.

Unfortunately upgrading from V1 is not possible. The storage format of Duplicati 2 is completely different from V1. The new storage format has some new features, like always-incremental backups.
This makes it incompatible with the old version.
More information can be found here:

Thank you for answer. Do you have a plan for next version (sub-version): what and when?)

A new experimental can be expected in the next couple of days:

And today was the day: Releases · duplicati/duplicati · GitHub

Thank you for program. I decided to specify my suggestion. My suggestion is moving configuration of backup from v1 to v2. I have many options in each backup, so it’s hard to create again.

This feature may be very usefull and will contribute to upgrade from v1 to v2.

Unfortunately, migrating backup configurations is not possible too, because backups work completely different in Duplicati 2. This makes settings and options incompatible between Duplicati 1 and Duplicati 2.

For example, in Duplicati 2 a full backup is never made after the initial backup has been completed. In V1, you had to specify the frequency of making a full backup, because incremental backups were dependent on the previous backup.
Almost all options have similar compatibility problems.

Uh… But very needed only export to HV only back paths and exclude paths. Better online storage settings also but unnecessary.