Does duplicati work?

Without giving me any abuse or backlash, this is a seriously question. Does this work and are their people actually using this without any issue at all?

All I am having is nonstop errors and issues. It does not work at all for me.

Spent 12 hours backing up a terabyte to the wrong location.

I am fighting to stop it

I am fighting to delete what it backed up

I am fighting to even delete the backup

Nonstop errors, literally. The errors will not stop.

I think this program needs to go back to the drawing board

Many people use it with few or no issues. Some people do have issues of course, and that’s what most activity on this forum is for (support issues).

I’ve been using it since 2017 on 10+ machines with great success. (By the way I’m not a main developer or anything, just a fan and a volunteer on this forum.)

We can try to help with your issues. What type of system did you install Duplicati on? What back end are you using (where are you saving your backup data)?

If your intent is to protect 1TB with a single backup job, then there is an important setting that should be adjusted: the deduplication block size (which defaults to 100KB). For a 1TB data set I’d probably set it to 1MB. This setting must be done before the first backup. There may be other suggested settings changes depending on what back end you’re using, but for the most part I’d leave other advanced settings alone.

So I should not be getting error after error? First backup ever, got stuck on the duplicati file in appfolder. Now It keeps giving error and all I do is delete the entire backup job and repeat, get error. Been months and I have yet to make one successful backup.

No idea how you are using it on 10+ machines when I can not even get one installed correctly

Yeah it don’t work. It said it deleted the old files, never did and I just deleted the backup and won’t even start, just gives error after error

And now I can not delete the files duplicati made

Every time I hit run now, i get a different error msg, over 17 different ones

If you are backing up AppData\Local that may be one source of your troubles. The Duplicati job database files shouldn’t be backed up by Duplicati itself.

Did you select the entire C: drive for backup? I would not do that. Duplicati is designed to back up user data. It cannot do a bare metal restore, so no sense in having it back up OS files or Program Files. I would make sure you select to back up only your user data files. Documents folder, AppData\Roaming, etc.

Do you not have write access to the back end? Which is what type of back end, by the way?

The easiest way to “start over” with a backup job is to click the job in the web UI to expand options, click the blue database link, and then click the Delete command. Then go to the back end and delete any duplicati* files that it placed there. When you try to run your job next, Duplicati will see there is no database, no files on the back end, and will behave as if it’s a first backup job.

We are happy to provide more assistance, but please answer questions that are asked. You did not answer my questions about what type of machine you installed Duplicati on (although I guess it’s Windows based on your more recent posts), and you haven’t said what kind of back end you’re using.

Also it will be much more helpful if you post actual error messages.

Until you get more familiar with Duplicati, I suggest you start by backing up just ONE folder - maybe your Documents folder. Get that backup working as you like, then you can always add more folders to protect to the backup job definition.

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