Does Duplicati 2 detect duplicated files

Just installed Duplicati 2 on two computers of my network. I love it so far!

When configuring the backups, I wanted to select all user data, so I checked My documents, My music, My pictures, My videos, Desktop, application data and home.

I just realised that by selecting Home, it select most of those folders. On one of the computers its fine since I changed the default location of most of those folders to be on a separate drive, but on the other computer, the default path is still configured.

So does Duplicati detects that the files have the same path and decide to not make a duplicate of the backuped file?

I know for myself that I did a test with the same file copied in the same directory, just renamed, it skipped over it and knew it was the same contents. Not sure if that’s the same behaviour exactly is what you are asking but I know for me it glazed over the file. It recorded it as being there but didn’t upload (2) as it was truly the same file.

I know that Duplicati works off of hashes and such to determine the file/folder etc., by that sheer means I would assume it knows it is the same and records a simple entry indicating that. I’m quite impressed with the workflow that Duplicati offers.