Does a recreate apply temp_dir option

I started a recreate of my backup db 2 days ago. This morning it failed with:
Insertion failed because the database is full database or disk is full

I was wondering if when I start the repair in the GUI (database > delete & recreate) if it takes into consideration the tempdir that has been specified on the job itself?


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That’s a good question to which I don’t currently know the answer.

I’m guessing you’re assuming the “Insertion failed because the disk is full…” error is due to running out of space on your temp drive…did you confirm that drive was full?

I only realised it after a while so have not been able to check. Running the same repair from commandline with option set.

Did you ever find a fix to this? I’ve been trying to recreate my DB for a few days now (from the web UI), and constantly hit the disk is full error. I’ve got --temp-dir set on the config, but I can’t tell if SQLite is honoring it or not.