Disaster recovery restore

Is there a tutorial on how to recover (preferably using GUI) if I’ve had my entire system die and had to reinstall from the OS and up?

And when doing so, does the system detect if I’ve given an incorrect encryption password, or does it just restore junk?


There might or might not be a tutorial, but the fast version is, from the GUI

  • go to “Restore”
  • select “Direct restore from backup files”
  • Select the storage location/type and fill out appropriate options, click “Test Connection”, “Next”
  • Enter passphrase and press “Connect” - if the password was bad, it’ll fail during this phase with a conspicuous error (i just tried it)
  • Select files to restore

Good job considering (and hopefully practicing) how to recover your files!

@drakar2007’s steps are are the best way to handle it, but if you would like more detail on how to deal with potential issues during a restore you might be interested in these two pages:

Note that at present there is no way to continue an interrupted restore, so if you have a lot of content to restore and think it might get interrupted in some way (power / internet loss, etc.) consider restoring in batches.

Another option is to download the entire backup set (which would include all versions, so likely use more bandwidth than just a most-recent-backup restore) to a local drive and restore from there.