Disable launching browser on startup

Hey! In my computer, Duplicati successfully launches and doesn’t open the web interface. However, when I set it up in my parents’ PC, the web interface opens every time they log in. Now, I know this might be shocking to hear, but my mom doesn’t need to change her backup settings on every windows startup. Is there a way to prevent Duplicati from opening a browser window on startup? I.e. I want the server to start, I just don’t want a browser window to open.

Is it possible that you set something up differently? It should work like it does on your computer.

Are you personally able to view this on their computer, or are you relaying their report of things?

One way I was able to make it look like that was with this setting of Windows 10 Sign-in options


and, in Microsoft Edge, “On startup” “Continue where you left off”. Most browsers can do similar.
The Duplicati UI would be open in a tab, but (like any web page), it might not be the selected one.

You can also test using the Startup tab in Task Manager to temporarily set Duplicati to Disabled.
If a Duplicati start somehow started the browser, it should not be able to do so without Duplicati.

Possibly there is some combination of scheduled backups, errors, etc. that could launch the UI.
Continuing with the test, you can manually start Duplicati from desktop, and see what that does.

If the UI comes up, and there’s anything significant going on (e.g. backup, or popup notification),
please describe that. I can’t induce an auto-open on Duplicati starting then sitting quietly.

I don’t usually run your configuration, so if any other reader is seeing this, please comment how.