Desktop.ini generates a warning log when I backup google drive folders

Thanks for helping me.
However, this expression just added 1 warning (it was 208 and now it’s 209).

I’ve also tried with just \w:\.*\desktop.ini and the result was the same.

I got lost in the discussion here haha that’s why I haven’t replied to the posts, I’ve just let it cool down a little bit.

I’m definitely willing to help, specially if this issue is common and will help the community.
Just let me know what you need, screenshots, logs, etc…

This expression with the “?” also gave me and extra warning.


to understand what is the issue with these files, what is needed is logdata. Unfortunately I don’t know how to show logdata with the Web UI reporting, however this logdata is included in mail reports and you will get the detailed reason why your desktop.ini files are not backed up. If the messages are not clear for you, post one example here (no need to include 208 messages, thanks in advance).


Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs is what you’re doing, and it’s GUI-only because only GUI has server.

If you wind up increasing from Warning to Verbose, you might want to log to a file, as it might get large.

log-file=<path> and log-file-log-level=Verbose or whatever winds up being appropriate to dive deeper…

My suggestion is above. Logs (click on lines too), then either screenshot or copy-and-paste into forum.

I can’t edit my previous post so I’ll just reply back to it.

A quick note about using \w\:\\.*\\?desktop\.ini or my other suggested filter expressions, they only work in Windows.

If you’re using a Mac or Linux you will need to adjust for the mount point vs \w\:\\ and change the paths to use of / vs \

I was re-reading the Duplicati filters page for another reason and I figured I should mention it.