Deletion of files on server - question


when I delete files client side, the deletion will be executed on server depending on the settings (unlimited backup, # of months…).

Now when I remove a folder from the backup definition, do the same settings apply or will the respective files on server be deleted instantly at next backup? I guess, this is not the case…

What I want to do is remove a pretty fat folder from a backup definition and also server side. I want to create a specific backup definition (with specific settings) of it.


That’s correct, removing files from the source list will not delete these files from the backup until --keep-versions, --keep-time or --retention-policy flag these files as expired.

To remove files from all backups, you can use the purge command:

Usage: purge <storage-URL> <filenames> [<options>]

  Purges (removes) files from remote backup data. This command can either take a list of filenames or use the filters
  to choose which files to purge. The purge process creates new filesets on the remote destination with the purged
  files removed, and will start the compacting process after a purge. By default, the matching files are purged in
  all versions, but this can be limited by choosing one or more versions. To test what will happen, use the --dry-run

    Performs the operation, but does not write changes to the local database or the remote storage
    Selects specific versions to purge from, multiple versions can be specified with commas
    Selects a specific version to purge from
    Performs a compact process after purging files
    Selects files to purge, using filter syntax
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