Delete --version=0 with dry-run mode shows as "Starting backup..." forever

I started a delete operation with dry-run from web UI, and after waiting at least for ten minutes, it still is in “Starting backup…” phase, according to the web UI. Tapping the cross then “Stop after current file” or “Stop now” (I am quessing the wording, as mine is in Finnnish) has no effect. How do I make it stop or proceed? Do I have to reboot?

I only wanted to delete the latest bacup version of a backup set, and this time, I not only added dry-run to the command but also ticked the box for it. Apparently I should not have.

Edited to add: I have Duplicati beta and the job is running on Windows.

I figured it out, hopefully.

First, I stopped the two Duplicati processes. Then I restarted Duplicati and opened the web UI. To verify that the backup version was still there, I opened the Restore files page for this backup set. Then I tried to run the delete without dry-run but again the web UI showed it in Starting backup… phase for way too long. So I restarted Duplicati and opened the web UI again. This time, I didn’t try to run the command from web UI, but copy-pasted it onto command line.

Turned out that just “delete --version=0” was not enough; I also needed the --dbpath option. I decided not to try out each option, so I used nearly all of the options that web UI fills for me (I only dropped out the lengthy excludes), and added --version=0 to end. That command succeeded fine.

So basically, the web UI didn’t tell me that there was a problem with the options I had chosen, and got stuck showing the task in “Starting backup” phase – and didn’t even allow me to stop the task. Not very helpful. These kinds of wrinkles have to be ironed out before first release.

While trouble-shooting, I found on this forum an old discussion where someone was asking about deleting a backup and the responders making a point about using the right terminology, referring to the difference between deleting a backup set and deleting a backup version. However, now that I read Using Duplicati from the Command Line - Duplicati 2 User's Manual, the wording I find there does not make any such distinction. It just talks about deleting a backup.

FWIW it works fine here, using the GUI Commandline and changing the Command to delete, clearing the Commandline arguments box, and using Add advanced option to add dry-run and check it, and add version and set it to 0. There must be something else going on on your system. Did you watch live log?

Now that Duplicati has had a clean start, is the original problem still reproducible? Here’s what mine had:

Running commandline entry

  Listing remote folder ...
The following filesets would be deleted:
0: 2/1/2021 6:11:49 PM
Return code: 0

Sorry for late reply. As I already found the cause, I didn’t turn back to the forum, until now. I think the problem is what I already stated in my second posting: I needed to have --dbpath (because I had changed the name of the db). When I moved to command line, I found it out very quickly, and after that I didn’t turn back to the Web UI anymore.

In any case, the last two paragraphs of my second posting still stand. The Web UI did not help me at all in pinpointing the problem (and is generally very cumbersome when it comes to the command line as we’ve seen before), plus the wording in the user manual talks about deleting backups, not backup versions.