Daylight saving shifts job starting times?

Daylight savings time started the last sunday. The bug is still among us.

Same to me, Duplicati ( running on Windows 10 host. Duplicati seems to store time in UTC/GMT, so it gets shifted if Daylight savings begins or ends, depending on the time when scheduled task was created.

I’ve set a backup job to run daily at 20:00. After the shift to daylight savings time, Duplicati has changed the configuration of such backup job modifying the starting time from 20:00 to 21:00! (or at least it looks like so)

Really hope this can get included in some of the work being carried out on the code at the moment. Was a pain to have to manually reschedule 20+ jobs at the weekend when the clocks changed. None of my other systems, including other backups, needed anything done to them.