Database very large, can I use another database?

My database is currently at 23GB. Although I configured it to retain only the last 10 backups and saved the changes, the database size remains at 23GB.

Is it possible to use another database alongside PostgreSQL? Also, I’m curious about the 23GB size—despite setting it to retain only the last 10 backups, it hasn’t decreased. Any insights on why this might be happening?

The database is Sqlite, not PostgreSQL, and there is no plugin replacement by another kind of database.

You can try to vacuum the database to see if it’s possible to decrease its size.

Your database size is most probably because you have many files and a lot of data blocks to backup, so even with one version, your database yould be huge.

Just to cover a probably unlikely case, saving the setting is just doing that. You must run a backup too, which would delete the versions, so likely take a long time compacting, but DB shrink needs a vacuum

Usage: vacuum <storage-URL> [<options>]

  Rebuilds the local database, repacking it into a minimal amount of disk space.

VACUUM (SQLite docs, and note their discussion about needing a lot of temporary space to do this).

I saw about this option, I’m using it in Docker, this vaccum reduces the size of the database because it cleans unnecessary files, correct?

Not just files. For details, click on the VACUUM link just above your post.