Database stuck recreating?

My PC crashed while I was running a backup to a G Suite Google Drive, and I was unable to repair the database so I started recreating it. After a few days the progress bar got to ~75% complete but then got stuck and according to the log it looked like it was running a big operation on the database (I can’t remember what exactly and the logs no longer load) and had stopped downloading dblock files. Since then, there has been disk activity of 150-200kB/s each way reading and writing to one of the etilqs files in the temp folder, but I think it has been at this for around two weeks now.

Is this normal, or should I try cancelling the recreate, pasting in the last backup .sqlite file and running a repair

The database before the crash was ~50GB, and I kept the default block sizes, etc. I’m on Windows 10 and v2.0.4.15-, I can’t remember if I was when the crash first appeared or I tried upgrading when the database wouldn’t repair.

There are many posts in this forum that talk about this issue. And the answer is Yes, this is normal. Unfortunately, database recreation can take a long long time, especially with sizes as big as this (50GB!).

If you are into 2 weeks, perhaps you should let it go on as I feel like much of the wait is done already.

Bobw was taking 10 days to restore a database for a much smaller backup set than mine before quitting, not a good sign…

I think I’ll try using the previous database