Database repair causes reboot

The OS partition of my Debian server got corrupted and I needed to restore it from a 6 month old clonezilla image. The OS partition was also the location for the duplicati database (doh!) so obviously it was out of sync. The data being backed up is on a different disk so was unaffected by the image restore.I did a verify and it told me I needed a repair wich I expected. T

The repair failed almost instantly so I decided it would be easier to delete the databsae and repair so effectively start again. This repair (and every subsequent one I try) runs for about 30 minutes, the database file gets created (about 65mb) and then the server fans kick in as it comes under high load. A few minutes later the server just reboots and obviously the repair therefore fails.

I dont know where to begin to start diagnosing what is happening here.

The backup is about 100GB and is on OneDrive. I want to avoid deleting it from the destination and compeletely start again unless I absolutely have to.

Any ideas?

What version of Duplicati are you using? What kind of CPU is in this Debian system?

Thanks for responding.

I think it must be overheating and therefore rebooting. I took the case off to give it more airflow and its been running now for a few hours wihtout issue, so im hoipful it will eventually finish and be successful.

Ok, glad you figured out part of the problem! But I’m curious what version of Duplicati you are using. If you are not on, I encourage you to upgrade. It has fixes that can greatly improve the database recreation process.