Create a different directory

I have programmed backups remotely on hubic, mega and SFTP that are between 2 and 20 go.
Every time I have error messages (sometimes it seems to me that the backup is well created).
Must I create a different directory:
Directory A: daily
Directory B: once a week
Directory C: 1 time per month
… or is not that important ??

Not sure I understand the question.

What are the error messages?

You are not supposed to change the remote destination, so you should not manually create directories, or rotate files.

Thank you for your reply.
I will try to clarify because unfortunately I have too many error messages.
I have at the moment a single directory of backups in which all my scheduled backups are stored (day, week, month).
I have the impression that only one backup should be made per remote target directory!

Yes, One backup pr. directory. Duplicati manages the versions inside that, so there is no need to do anything to divide with day/week/month.