Correct way to backup data configuraton folder

Even if latest releases increasing the speed of rebuild process (you are great!) I use the “best practice” to backup the duplicati “configuration data” folder when a backup finish whit no errors or warnings, but I have some questions:

Instead of add manually the databases to backup, I backup directly the “data folder” and use some filters to exclude some files\directory:

One filter exclude files that starts with “backup” - these files are created by duplicati when it deal with one database and are used to restore it if something go wrong, but for my purpose these files are unnecessary.

A filter exclude the “control_dir_v2” this directory should be contain some stuff necessary to duplicati but there are irrelevant for my purpose.

finally I create 2 filters in order to exclude Duplicati-server.sqlite and dbconfig.json - I don’t remember why I have this two filters but I remember that one of these two files is “unbackupable” because it’s open when another backup job is running.

It’s correct this setup? I should remove some filters? Please note: my goal is save the entire duplicati configuration not only the backup databases (EG: the mail report configuration which is configure in the settings tab).

Hi xBlitz,
as a relativly newbie to Duplicati, may you give me a hint what’s your Best Practice with the config-data? What do you mean?

Thx in advance,


watch this:


There is no best practice to backup the configuration data per se. All the necessary data to rebuild your database is already included in the backup and can be used to recreate the database. At worst case you can perform a full restore directly from the files themselves if the database cannot be recreated for some reason. My only recommendation would be to take a backup of your job in case your entire machine porks up. Apart from that backing up the database is just duplicating what’s already done.