Config Missing after inadvertant reinstall

So I installed Duplicati, using the GitHub version of mono as directed and not the Ubuntu repository version. I performed a backup of my critical data, around 200 GB, and then found myself installing some more software. Apt told me I had unresolved dependencies, so I fixed that and it re-installed Duplicati, wiping out the backup job configuration in the process.

What can I do to prevent needing to re-backup the whole 200 Gig?


Ok, so I’ve been digging around and it turns out that I now have a second instance of duplicate on the same machine. One listens on port 8200 and the instance starts at boot. the second listens on port 8300 and starts when I click the application shortcut in the Ubuntu dash.

they then both run seemingly perfectly, though the shortcut in dash only ever takes me to the new instance that is not configured.

do I need to uninstall and reinstall all of duplicate to resolve this ?

Ok. The more I read and the more I experiment, the more I understand that this is normal for duplicate. what I have here is a DuplicatiServer instance running on port 8200 which is happily protectingmy content. I then have an additional instance running as the GuiTray Icon on port 8300.

This confuses me somewhat, and I’m currently unable to get the tray Icon to connect to the already running local instance. (I notice that some of the online documentation is a little out of kilter with the --help text for the various Linux command line executables.)

I guess that this model enables proper multi-user system architecture, so independently logged in users can have their own instances of duplicate etc. The more I think about it the more I see that there are likely too many varying use cases for there to be an easy solution to my situation without fundamental changes to the instancing mechanism in Duplicati.

It sounds like you’ve figured out most of what was going on. Did you confirm that your “missing” configs were actually in the port 8200 (server) side of things? If so, I might go ahead and flag your previous post as the “solution” since it would mean the config wasn’t actually missing…

Adding --no-hosted-server to your Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe call should tell it to look for an existing server instance (in this case the service / daemon on port 8200) rather than starting it’s own server on port 8300.

And of course you don’t need the tray icon for the Duplciati service / daemon to run so you could always just give yourself a browser shortcut / bookmark to the 8200 (service / daemon) server. :slight_smile:

Yes, I think so, but I’m still not 100% satisfied.

I began understanding it much too late… I had already deleted 228 GB of backup data from the server… oh well…

I can confirm that --no-hosted-server does the trick, but I normally use dash to find GUI tools… right now it always opens a new instance on Duplicati on 8300 running as my normal user account. That is in addition to the systemctl managed instance running on port 8200 as root (maybe that’s the root cause ? installing it as root ?)

If I want to update the shortcut in dash to add in some extra switches, how do I do that ? Teach me that and we can call it quits…

Sorry, I’m not familiar with Dash. If you mean the php based Linux Dash monitoring tool then maybe somebody else here might know how to add parameters (note that you might get a faster response asking on a linux-dash forum).