Computer crashed, new ssd, can I "manually" import my old backup configurations?

1- My main computer (Windows 7) stopped booting. I tried about 27 things to get it going, everything failed.
2- I bought a new SSD
3- I installed Windows 10 on the new SSD. My main computer is back to life!
4- I installed Duplicati 2 on my main computer (on Win10).
5- I connected the old “unbootable” (Win7) SSD to my main computer.
6- I can read everyhting on the old SSD (as far as I can tell)

Question: I had 3 different “Duplicati 2” backups configured on my old Win7 rig. Is there a file I could copy from the 'Win7 SSD" to the “Win10 SSD” that would save me from reconfiguring everything, in particular the backup to AWS, which took me a couple days to get right…


Was Duplicati running as a service or tray Icon on the old system.

AFAIK By default the Tray Icon the System Database is either in c:\Users%Username%\AppData\Local\Duplicati or in the %AllUsers%\AppData\Local\Duplicati. Not sure as I always install as a service.

When Installed as a services its by default under C:\Windows\System32\config\systemprofile\AppData\Local\Duplicati

A point of note. If installing as a service in Windows10 change the default location to somewhere else as a feature Upgrade may clear that location. You can use the system Env Variable DUPLICATI_HOME or pass
–server-datafolder on installing the service.

I would suggest you install as a service, a reasonably good guide here

And copy your Duplicati-server.sqlite from Windows 7 into config location start the service and old config should come up. You should also export your jobs and retain a copy somewhere safe


It was running as a tray icon on the old computer, and it is running as a tray icon on the new computer.

Your instructions seem pretty good, I will follow them later tonight or tomorrow and report. Thanks a lot.

UPDATE: The backup data was exactly where you described it:

I simply had to shut down the tray instance, do a copy/paste between my Win7 and Win10 Duplicati folders, I restarted Duplicati, and everything was there! Please note: I used “TeraCopy” to do the cut&paste, as the database was about 1.5 GB. The Windows system cut&Paste does not cut it!

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