Cloud Provider Options

Am switching from crashplan for home and would like to use duplicati to backup to the cloud, with similar settings to how I have it with crashplan.

I did not find discussion here (using the search feature) or on the web on selecting a cloud backup provider. Is there a comparison available anywhere in terms of cost, reliability, etc?

Presumably the storage reported by crashplan is the total size of all the incremental versions which is how much I would initially need with duplicati?

That could be used as a very rough estimate, but without knowing how much compression deduplication CrashPlan uses it’s hard to know how close to Duplicati needs that would be.

There is a storage provider (destination) comparison here as well as links to some addition offsite detail and comparisons:

Depending on how big your Source data is and how much time / space you have available you could do an initial backup to a local or USB disk just to see how big it would be. You can even adjust compression and other values to be more or less aggressive if you don’t like the resulting size…