Clone a backup set configuration via GUI?

I have a backup set that I’ve tuned and would like to clone it for backing up to a second destination.

Short of manually selecting/deselecting everything again, is there a way (preferably using the GUI) to clone my backup set so that I can then edit the copy?


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It’s possible to export the job from the UI and then create a new job from that exported JSON.

However, it would be possible to make a “clone” button in the UI, so perhaps this is partly a feature request?

While we’re at it, I wouldn’t mind being able to “import” from command line (basically paste a command line into a text box and get a job out of it).

@sylerner, the actual current GUI steps to do want you want are:

  1. use job “export” menu to export to file (remember where you saved the file!)
  2. use main menu “Add new job” page to import from the file.

When importing I believe you’ll need to give it a new name and it will automatically generate a new dbpath so you don’t even up with multiple jobs pointing at the same sqlite database.

I looked at the export file and saw it included the db name. You’re saying that this is ignored and replaced by a new one on import? If so, is this only when there is a name collision or is the db always renamed on import?

I’d have to double check (@Pectojin might know for sure) but I believe it’s always ignored on import which means if you’re recreating a job (not just copying to a new one) you can avoid the database being recreated by manually pointing the new job the old database name.

Just don’t try to have two active jobs pointing to the same database - ouch!

Yup, it always renames.